Build A Better Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Save time with your HR processes and personalize your employee experience. Apply the power of AI to your HR data and detect skills everywhere they are present within your company. 

AI and Human Resources Talent Management

Capture & Assess 100% of Your Company's Skills, Every Day, Regardless of The Source or Language.

Artificial intelligence is used throughout your 365Talents platform: semantic analysis engine, data reconciliation, bridges between languages, a matching engine and user experience.

Use artificial intelligence to identify skills in real time

A powerful semantic analysis engine to detect your skills in real-time

Our semantic analysis engine enables you to analyze information relating to your employees and the development opportunities available to them.

The use of explicitly claimed skills is just the tip of the iceberg. Using Natural Language Processing techniques and  Word Embedding, we record implicit skills, and reconcile the skills between them in order to assess levels of expertise.

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Why are we talking about artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, and more specifically deep learning, enables us to automate the analysis of unstructured data available in your employees’ profiles and development opportunities (projects, assignments, positions, jobs and training

This large-scale analysis allows for the strongest compatibility factors between an employee and an opportunity to be detected. It guarantees the quality and relevance of our suggestions.

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How do you ensure that AI is unbiased?

Our solution is not predictive. Our technological approach does not consist of studying information and past trajectories in order to statistically predict the possible trajectories of similar employees.

Our AI engine points out an employee’s unique qualities (skills, of course, but also experience, ambitions, motivations, interests and interactions) and match them with development opportunities.

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How do you deal with multiple languages?

Thanks to our work in the field of multilingual text and semantic analysis, our solution enables your HR team to manage their skills set in a centralised way, whatever the languages used.

For an optimal user experience, the solution is systematically personalised in the prefered language of the user. Information is centralised and managed from an HR point of view in the bridge language of your choice.

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Do you provide a standard reference skill set?

No, because your company is unique: its culture, its vocabulary and its talent management are all unique. Our semantic analysis engine is trained to analyze over 9 billion terms to understand the slightest nuance in their expression.

This engine, fed by your data and the one communicated by your employees, enables our platform to not only be relevant for all business sectors, but also to adapt to your own vocabulary.

A matching engine to pair employees with internal opportunities

Our matching engine uses a technology called Deep Learning. Trained to analyze millions of descriptions and job/training titles, our intelligence evaluates the opportunities offered to employees. What are the required key competencies? What is the required level of seniority? What skill does this training module develop?

With this information we are able to gather relevant information to suggest the best opportunities to your employees. This information allows you to strategically build and map internal development opportunities.

Using artificial intelligence to match skills with employees and opportunities

Expertise in applying artificial intelligence to HR challenges

We have built a team with unique skills in all the technological subjects linked to AI applied to HR: Machine Learning, NLP and Semantic Analysis. This wealth of internal expertise is the heart of our AI Lab applied to HR, HaiRℱ, a scientific laboratory that collaborates with other public laboratories.

Our now famous (A)Ice breakersℱ, workshops carried out at our clients’ premises or at our offices, enable our clients to understand the ins and outs of AI technologies applied to HR developments.

Technology Improving User Experience

Artificial intelligence is not autonomous. Above all, it is a tool for aiding all the platform’s users in their thought and decision-making processes. 

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Adapted to all sources of information

We connect to all your HR and professional tools to detect your employees’ talents where they are naturally applied. The capacity of our AI to understand several business sectors allows us to isolate these valuable assets.
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Extensive interaction with your employees

For every personalized suggestion, we interact with your employees and ask them for simple yet detailed feedback. Regardless of whether the feedback is positive or negative, we analyze this to constantly become more relevant in our suggestions.

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An end to predefined reference skill sets

Our algorithms adapt to your company vocabulary. It’s your language, your HR policy and your projects. Within a company, the word “Java” may just as well mean an island, a computer language, a dance or the name of an internal project. We give meaning to every piece of information based on your contexts.

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Detailed explanations for better actions

Our artificial intelligence engine enables analysis to be automated. Every action initiated by AI is explained to users, so that humans can supplement this information, if necessary, and give even more meaning to our analysis.