How we deployed our new platform on a major European bank

Published on 09 December 2021 in Talent Experience

During the lockdown, we worked tirelessly on improving the 365Talents’ platform. While the world was focused on Elon Musk’s SpaceX launch, we were paying attention to our very own with as much excitement. In this article we are sharing the behind the scenes secrets surrounding the launch for one of our clients worldwide leader in financial services.

D – 100: Test the waters and co-build

To ensure that the client needs are perfectly met, we have included them from the beginning of the process. Via our Open Labs (that we like to describe as an ideation laboratory), we have presented them the models and overview of the new platform. Our clients were involved in features’ conception, matching their top HR priorities.

D – 60 Test again and again

We used the generic platform for tests to get a visual overview ahead of the launch phase. In this way, we reassured the clients regarding the benefits of the upgrade, it’s a bit like when HR professionals are conducting a Change Management project, it’s impossible to get a successful outcome without including the employees ;). On the tech side, our team always guaranteed data security by operating tests and building a setup that acknowledges both client’s data and settings.

D – 40 Consider all technical settings

Planning such event is not an easy task! We had to run tests on an estimated population and discuss the results with the client during dedicated workshops.

Involving the client from the beginning allowed us to prioritise necessary features and agree upon these before hand. Thanks to this process, we gave precise information on the launch date and provide all our clients with a product matching their expectations.

D- 7 Before launching the rocket: one last test!

We are now ready! A week before the launch, we sent a teasing email to all the employees along with a dedicated and personalised communication to HR and managers in both English and French. 

The operated change is quite impressive as the new platform is another step towards improving HR practices surrounding skills and mobility. 

We organised a rehearsal internally 3 days before to conduct various tests on several user profiles: an employee, a manager, an HR manager, an IT manager…Every possible outcome was considered, just in case.

The D Day

The test log is consulted right before to check one last time. Because of the current health crisis, we set up a permanent phone line to communication with our clients located on 4 continents, gathering a number of 40 000 users in a single day!


D +1: The next day

After many months of conceiving this upgrade and a very intense launch for all the team, when we got the first feedbacks from our clients we all agree that all the work was totally worthy:


Because every improvement we build is for the end user, seeing significative rise (+20%) in terms of engagement, proves us that we are on the right track to help HR teams find and mobilise 100% of their employees’ skills internally 😉.

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