Chart a new course
for your people
at work.

We allow people to be seen in their own words,

on their own terms.


We believe in decentralized talent mobility.

That means an empowered employee-first talent experience, defined by your people — and made possible by 365Talents.

When it comes to talent mobility, we don’t believe that the only way is up. All it takes is the right opportunity offered in the right words to take you somewhere unexpected and uncover a whole new world of potential.

hidden gems 365talents

We believe in a simple maxim: 
If you can’t see it, you can’t be it.

We enable organizations to see skills in a decentralized way that empowers employees and celebrates self-declaration. We put your people and their skills at the center of your HR ecosystem, allowing you to see your people on their own terms.

We help managers uncover opportunities for everyone, revealing new connections previously unseen and untapped, so organizations can move quickly and confidently toward the future of work.

AI enables creativity for HR

We believe in creativity through the power of AI.

We believe AI can do more than save time. By amplifying creativity through AI, we’re making businesses more employee-centered and giving people the power to chart their own course for growth.

What we’ve created, we believe, is an experience that stays with you.

See how our AI-powered technology can make a positive impact at your company.

For your people

Celebrate skills self-declaration.

Employee-first business starts with empowering your people. Our AI uses their own words and on their own terms to connect skills with opportunities.

For your managers

Uncover your hidden gems.

365Talents lets managers understand the capabilities of their team, find the perfect fit for their latest gig and foster a better day-to-day talent experience. If you can’t see it, you can’t be it.

For your HR

Put the heart back into HR.

Our technology erases the headaches of time-consuming tasks like skills mapping and job frameworks and lets your HR specialists get back to what matters most: Your people.

Our clients say it better than us

Discover what our clients love about the 365Talents experience.

Just love how 365Talents’s platform is transforming mobility at Veolia. As a manager, I love having the view on all my teams’ skills and it helps me identify potential moves to offer to my collaborators.

Alexandre Guyon, SVP Solid Waste Recycling and Recovery — Feb. 7, 2022

365Talents helps our employees, HR, and company to prepare the future

Anne-Catherine Ropers, Deputy General Manager - Global Head of HR

Successful Implementation and roll out of the 365Talents

Hughes Verdier, Partner — Feb. 7, 2022

365Talents is very easy to use and very intuitive.

Pascal Moraux, Human Resources Manager — Feb. 4,2022

ROI uncovered by 365Talents



Easily manage your skills at scale like Societe Generale, with 80,000 employees



Choose our platform like EY did for their 2000 consultants. Optimize your talent experience and missions!



Achieve a +75% activation rate, like RTE with their 7,000 employees. Create a world of new opportunities and career paths.


Skills Mapped

For Credit Agricole, saving 6 months of work. Let AI chart a new course for your employees

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