Talent Management Platform by 365Talents

Transform Mobilize Engage Retain Upskill Reskill Grow Your Workforce

Talent Management Simplified.

The 365Talents talent management platform gives you the power of artificial intelligence to solve your HR challenges, so that you can focus on what matters most: your people.

A Talent Management Platform for Everyone.

Discover AI enhanced talent management at every level of your company.

For your employees

Our powerful algorithms will find your employees the right internal upskilling, reskilling, and job opportunities to grow their careers.

For your managers

Put day-to-day talent management back in your managers hands: skill-sets, projects, assessments etc. Plan and schedule with your skills map in hand.

For your HRD

Become a business partner for your company and be at the heart of their strategy. Achieve your company’s strategic goals with all cards in hand.

For your HRMs

No more headaches on how to manage skills mapping and job frameworks. Our HR data and algorithms allow you to automate your processes and get ahead!

For your IT

Our easy to integrate HR software capitalizes on existing data from your HRIS thanks to artificial intelligence. You won’t lose time on set up!

For your top management

With precise and customized analytics from the platform, you have the perfect tools to align strategic and human challenges.

The talent management platform that capitalizes on internal skills

Without precise skills knowledge, it’s impossible to predict future skill gaps and plan your workforce. 365Talents helps you automate skills mapping, internal mobility, staffing, employee development & engagement.

Internal talent marketplace powered by AI

3 Solutions for all Your Talent Management Needs

We have the right solution for you when it comes to skills and talent management, regardless of where you are in your HR transformation.

Audit compétences

100% Skills Audit

Wondering how to get started with your skills management strategy? Our audit has been designed specifically to help you accelerate. In just 10 days, you’ll have your entire skills map ready!

Internal Talent Marketplace

Discover our must-have talent management solution designed to engage and mobilize your internal talents with personalized career paths. 

Internal talent marketplace et staffing
Strategic workforce planning made easy

Strategic Workforce Planning

Anticipate and plan your workforce with all cards in hand, thanks to our powerful skills data and HR analytics derived directly from the platform.

What Can You do With Our Talent Management Platform?

Thanks to our intelligent skills data capture, you can start solving key HR challenges with confidence.

Why Our Customers Choose Us

Combining artificial intelligence with our human approach, we use 4 main pillars to help you throughout your skills and talent management journey. Accelerate your HR transformation with us!


High tech at heart

We have data at heart, and that is what gives the heartbeat to our platform. To make sense of all our data, we use artificial intelligence specifically designed to analyze skills and jobs. 


6 week speedy deployment

On top of our great AI, we have true HR expertise to deliver all your HR projects at scale in just 6 weeks. 


200% customer care

During your project launch and after launch follow-up, you can count on our amazing customer success team. They are here to help you engage and mobilize your talents every step of the way. 

100% integrated to your digital workplace

With our tailored connectors  (such as 365Talents for SAPSuccessFactors) and our APIs, we analyze all your HR data, wherever it may be. 
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