Uncover all your talents to open up new possibilities

Expand HR skill sets, put employees in control of their own data, and process millions of pieces of information
thanks to artificial intelligence. Reinvent your talent management strategy.

An experience that turns talent management on its head

At 365Talents, we are creating the next generation of talent management tools driven by AI.
Our solution is already being used by thousands of employees.

The founders

Founded at the end of 2015 by Loïc Michel, Mathieu Martin and Paul Mougel, 365Talents
is a specialized SaaS solution for human resources management within large companies.

Loïc Michel


Responsible for company strategy and development. Holder of a degree from the National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon. As a result of many years of experience as a consultant in France and Canada, he specializes in HR innovation.

Paul Mougel


Responsible for data analysis, scientific research and products. He has previously worked for research laboratories in the United States (Harvard, Boston), in the United Kingdom (University of Birmingham) and France (INRIA, Lyon).

Mathieu Martin


Responsible for business development, holder of an MBA in Human Resource Management. Mathieu worked at ESN for 10 years, starting off in HR development, then managing a business unit for many years.

An award-winning solution

Above all, our most important achievement is always our customers’ satisfaction and the positive feedback we receive from all our users.