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Travis Burke is joining 365Talents’ to help the company boosting its international footprint with his 20+ years of experience in the HR tech industry.
In a world where workplace competencies are changing faster than ever, HR professionals often struggle to deliver solutions that support the organisation’s objectives while meeting employees’ needs.
Leading bank in Europe, Société Générale is among the most innovative companies in terms of HR: from 2017, it is turning to artificial intelligence to reinvent talent management.
During the lockdown, we worked tirelessly on improving the 365Talents’ platform. While the world was focused on Elon Musk’s SpaceX launch, we were paying attention to our very own with as much excitement.
As Artificial Intelligence is our specialty, we have gathered the key information to better understand its impact on the HR function in this infographic. From the early 1950s to the many use cases that exist today, you’ll know everything!
Since May 11th, some companies have allowed their employees to return to the office in France. In order for this return to go smoothly, we have created a journey for employees to navigate into the office. Maybe this process is relevant to you?
When choosing an Internal Talent Marketplace platform, what are the key differences between the various of offers on the market? What are the benefits of Skills intelligence. Here’s the honest comparison between an HCM and an ITM.
Now that we have settled in lockdown, all organisations are looking into new ways to reboot the whole company, reboot HR, and reboot talents. We aim to explain what’s the #Reboot concept and how it impacted our vision.
Strategic Workforce Planning is the new trendy concept currently buzzing in the Human Resources field. SWP is the opportunity to change your Talent Management strategy while impacting the business.
When 365Talents was born 4 years ago, it was to help HR quickly identify, find and allocate their internal talents to the right projects/teams. In this context, our vision of a world where everyone uses every talent to their best potential is central.
In January 2019, the Caisse des Dépôts group chose 365Talents to develop a 360° vision of employees’ career paths, reinforce skills development and internal mobility.
Digital transformation describes a deep change in the way companies must adopt for their clients and employees. The consequences for Human Ressources Directors include important challenges to overcome…
You are confronted to new challenges and it’s now time to turn to a new HR solution. With this guide you’ll see that it’s possible to implement, within a few weeks, a tool that will change your life!
The only solution “made in France” with this international accolade for improvement of the employee experience to be named by Gartner as “Cool Vendor” for human capital management and improvement of the employee experience.
Employees’ expectations are evolving: searching for meaning, fulfilment and quality of life at work are part of the questions that your employees are asking themselves. HR departments therefore have to adapt to avoid too high a turnover.
Under the current ever-increasing wave of flexibility in the job market, nothing last forever: expectations and talents sought after by employers are constantly evolving in line with technological advancements and new emerging markets.
In many sectors, the job market is stretched. Companies are finding it difficult to attract and retain talents. Perhaps you are experiencing the same issue? This article might help you overcome this type of challenge.
This notion doesn’t just apply to recruiters and HR departments, who are invited to see past CVs and take soft skills and the ability to collaborate into account but especially to employees, who still have to innovate.

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