Strategic Workforce Planning

Set up a Strategic Workforce Planning Strategy Based on Internal HR Data  

Align solutions to your HR challenges with your company’s strategic and financial objectives. Thanks to a deep analysis of your HR data, you can build specific action plans for your organization, employees, job offers, and skills.

HR transformation through strategic workforce planning
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Anticipate the unpredictable and boost flexibility

If 85% of the jobs of 2030 do not exist today, it is even harder for HR teams to anticipate and adapt towards the Future of Work.

Thanks to deep analysis of your HR data, shine a light on emerging skills, declining jobs and much more. Map out various scenarios with your workforce data.

85% of the jobs of 2030 do not exist today.

“The next era of human / machine partnerships – Emerging technologies’ impact on society & work in 2030” – study conducted by the Institute for the Future and Dell Technologies

A pragmatic and operational approach of strategic workforce planning

With current HR challenges, it is not easy for companies (and especially the HR department) to define a 3 or 5 year strategy without a vision of the future.

Be pragmatic: Having access to data on all your company’s internal skills will drastically increase your efficiency in strategic workforce planning.

We give you the power to reach your objectives with all available resources. Build your strategy based on concrete internal skills data.

Declare and map skills by level

Along with the strong digitalisation of companies, HR professionals are facing a new challenge: being able to deliver a personalised experience for employees, while fostering engagement. This is critical for our clients’ satisfaction and to build tomorrow’s banking. For this very reason, all the opportunities are based on employees’ skills and interests, to help them think about career evolution and employability development.

Cristèle Pernoud, Corporate Strategic Workforce Planning Lead, Société Générale

SWP - Everyone Plays a Role in Your Strategic Plan


For employees

Be the very own master of your career and position yourself with corporate training and career development needs.


For managers

Have in-depth knowledge of your teams and feed HR plans.


For the HR team

The strategic HR professional has a 360 vision with information collected through managers and employees.

Strategic Workforce Planning suggestions

Put skills and data at the core of your HR strategy to serve your organization's objectives

Thanks to 365Talents, you can finally rely on detailed skills knowledge and spot  upcoming trends and needs.

With our simplified and automated skills management system, as well as talent marketplace, you have all the necessary knowledge to operationalize your strategic workforce planning:

What to Expect When Implementing
Strategic Workforce Planning with 365Talents

Lost in piles of reports or dealing with outdated Excel sheets? 365Talents allows you to see everything in one click.


An automated referential

Easily handle your skills thanks to an automated framework, always up-to-date! Your tracking is simplifed with tagging on skills and high potentials.


Projections of your cartography

Use concrete skills data on your workforce for job mapping.


Anticipate trends

Understand the trends, anticipate change and future needs with various scenarios and displays (workforce planning).


Speed and agility

Build your strategic plans quickly thanks to our reports and analysis. Gain valuable time and elaborate many scenarios to be more agile.


Full integration

Integrate and connect all your HR tools (HRMS, company social network…) to take advantage of more data and value.

Only one rule: efficiency

No redundant reports, you get what you need to be efficient