365Talents for SAP SuccessFactors

Bring agility back thanks to your ITM 365Talents for SAP SuccessFactors.

By integrating 365Talents in your HCM, personalise your employees’ career paths and gain efficiency thanks to powerful automations.

Suggested accorded to your profile

Engage your employees with a personalised experience without changing your HR system!

With remote work as the new norm, engagement and motivation are more crucial than ever. Improve employee experience and engagement on your HR platform thanks to the native integration of 365Talents for SAP SuccessFactors. It gives access to your employees to 100% personalised opportunities (projects, jobs, missions, trainings, mentorings, etc).

“With the strong digitalisation of companies, today’s HR challenge is to deliver personalised employee experience while reinforcing engagement; which is even more crucial to meet our clients’ needs and build tomorrow’s bank. It is why, from skills and appetencies, we are offering opportunities to act on their career evolution and employability development.”

Cristèle Pernoud, Corporate Strategic Workforce Planning Lead, Société Générale

New functionalities thanks to a deep integration

Our native integration into SAP SuccessFactors Employee Experience allows all users to access new functionalities such as:

add the skill

“Our HR strategy is based on skills. Not perfectly knowing the strengths of our employees is also preventing us from sourcing the essential skills to transform our market and needs! But addressing this issue manually is impossible. We were convinced that an HR software powered by Artificial Intelligence was the solution!

Emilie Muelle, IS Mobility / Recruitment Project Manager in the Human Resources Department, Caisse des Dépôts et des Consignation


Put Skills and Data at the heart of your HR strategy to achieve your organisation’s objectives.

Thanks to 365Talents for SuccessFactors, you can finally convert your annual reviews data into action plans. Skills management has never been so simple. Skills Mapping and skills management, development plans are all automated and updated in real time. Let our AI to do the legwork while you focus on your Workforce Planning thanks to all the actionable insights gathered.

Capitalise on your HCM thanks to 365Talents for SuccessFactors

Thanks to our Artificial Intelligence on employee experience, skills management and suggestions of opportunities.


Your Employee central has new features

New employee profile enriched with 365Talents data and automated synchronisation of employees  platform access 


Personnalised Employee Central

New employee experience featuring personalised suggestions to help employees complete their profile

Enhanced Recruiting Module

Synchronised job offers with all job offers in SAP. Dynamic and personalised suggestions of offers directly into SAP Employee portal


Trainings and connections to your LMS

Automated synchronisation of all trainings created into SAP with 365Talents.


Performance Module synchronised

Automated synchronisation of annual reviews and performance with 365Talents.


An integration that will please you HR SI team

Seamless integration, synchronisation of both platforms without maintenance or extra work. No data inconsistency.

An integration built in partnership with ARAGO ConsultingArago consulting helps organisations in their digital transformation with a full services and software offer that modernize and transform Human Resources Management. From the initial brief to the full implementation and beyond, ARAGO consulting helps also with skills transfer to all teams/countries, support and post-live services to enhance the ROI of their solutions.