10 steps to implement your new HR solution

You are confronted to new challenges and it’s now time to turn to a new HR solution. With this guide you’ll see that it’s today possible to implement a tool that will change all your employees’ daily lives within a few weeks!

  • The key stakholders to bring in your project (IT, Communication, Purchase...)
  • Zoom on change management theories and best practices
  • A 10-steps checklist to ensure successful deployment

How to solve 3 strategic HR challenges using skills intelligence

If you are looking to fill your company’s skill gaps, identify future key competencies, and become a central stakeholder for your company’s business strategy, you’ve come to the right place! Downlo...
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How to solve your skills gaps* faster than you think

“Skills gap” is more than just the latest HR buzzword pain point — buzz point, if you will. Yes, it’s a popular subject and one about which a lot of people have a lot of opinions, providing 3.75 mi...
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Redefining development strategy by putting skills at its core

Societe Generale, leading European bank, chose 365Talents to serve HR innovation needs and address the following objectives: Personalized employee paths Career development and employability improve...
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