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The purpose of this Cookie Policy is to define the different types of cookies and other similar technologies that may be used on the website.

By accessing and using the website, you agree to cookies being placed on your mobile and/or stationary device under the conditions described below:

Cookies: Files stored and used to record personal and non-personal data relating to your browsing on digital platforms.

Anonymisation of cookies

Collected cookies are anonymised and do not enable website users to be identified.

By submitting a form to 365Talents, which is made available to you on the website and contains your personal data, such as your surname, forename(s) and email address, 365Talents will be able to identify the cookies stored on your device.

In this case, cookies are personal data subject to our Privacy Policy

Cookie setting

Cookies are only used if you agree to them or you continue to browse the website. During your visit to the website, the cookies used are indicated to you as well as the option you are given to object to them or delete them.

Internet browsers enable you to delete cookies from the hard drive, deactivate them, completely block them or receive a warning before said cookie is installed.

For more information about cookies and the way to deactivate them in your browser, we invite you to consult the information made available to you by your browser or by the competent supervisory authority.


The entire liability of 365Talents under the application of this Cookie Policy shall not exceed the limits set out in the Privacy Policy.



Necessary cookies for operating the website


  • __hssc by https://hubspot.fr for session monitoring and expires within 30 minutes.
  • __hssrc by https://hubspot.fr determines if the visitor has reset their browser and expires by the end of the session.
  • ___hstc by https://hubspot.fr monitors vistors and expires within 13 months.
  • hubspotutk by https://hubspot.fr transmitted via HubSpot during form submission and is used for contact deduplication and expires within 13 months.

Google Tag manager:

  • __utma by https://www.google.com/intl/fr_fr/tagmanager/ used to identify users and sessions. The cookie is updated each time the data are sent to Google Analytics. Expire within 13 months.
  • __utmb by https://www.google.com/intl/fr_fr/tagmanager/ uUsed to identify new visits / sessions on the website. The cookie is updated each time the data are sent to Google Analytics. Expires within 30 minutes.
  • __utmc by https://www.google.com/intl/fr_fr/tagmanager/ Used with the cookie _utmb to identify if the web user has previously visited the website expires by the end of the session.
  • __utmz by https://www.google.com/intl/fr_fr/tagmanager/ records the traffic source and the origin of the visit. The cookie is updated each time the data are sent to Google Analytics expires within 6 months.


  • YSC by  youtube.com/ enables YouTube to monitor and collect data relating to browsing on third-party websites if these contain an integrated video up until 24 months.

Cookies for interactivity improvement


  • pll_language by https://polylang.pro for remembering the language selected by the user expires within a year.


  • viewed_cookie_policy by https://fr.wordpress.org/ for hiding the cookie banner when the user accepts the use of cookies up until a year.
  • wordpress_test_cookie by https://fr.wordpress.org/ used by the WordPress content manager to verify if cookies are activated in the browser expires by the end of the session.


  • VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE by youtube.com/ measures bandwidth to ascertain the optimum video quality expires within 24 months