Why our mission is more important than ever today

Published on 01 September 2020 in Talent Experience

When 365Talents was born 4 years ago, it was to help HR teams to quickly identify, find and allocate their internal talents to the right projects/teams. In today’s context, our vision of a world where everyone uses their talents to their best potential takes a deeper meaning. It’s not just about employees’ best potential. It’s about purpose.

Companies need to find a purpose during this crisis.
For their employees.
For their brand.
For their survival.

Because companies who adapted quickly to the new context we live in now will be the ones who will come out stronger after Covid-19.


To survive this crisis, we need, more than ever, for our organisations to be more innovative and more agile.

If the solution of your company’s survival relies in your internal skillset, it is not easy to know them and to start from scratch if you do not have the right tools or approach. We believe that any static tool or dated skills referential will not help. Companies will not have the 6-9 months required to build yet another skills referential. Our dynamic approach and AI native platform is the fastest way to help companies identify, find and reallocate skills.


The importance of an internal talent marketplace

Because external recruitments will not be an option for a number of organizations, companies rely on their internal skills more than ever. HR teams have to rise to the complex challenge to match projects needs with employees skills. We know that the most agile way to do this is through an internal talent marketplace. By challenging all the rules written about internal mobility, companies can really gain agility and speed-up their staffing processes. The internal marketplace does exactly that. It uses our powerful AI to matches all skills from collaborators with the job/missions opened.


For the internal talent marketplace to be successful, here are a few quick wins:

Find the skills you need. Fast.

If you have identified the key skills needed for a specific project, but do not have yet the right profile in your pool because you just launched your internal marketplace, you can fast-track your skillset building. You just need to let the AI know about these specific and utmost necessary skills and it will ask to all your collaborators if they do have these skills. Your collaborators just have reply to this push with a “yes” or “no”. If they have the required skills, they can declare how well they master it. So you can assess quickly how prepared your teams are to kickstart these particular projects.

An open platform for all that will break silos.

If the talent marketplace is used only by a portion (an entity of your group, or just a department), you are missing out. We strongly recommend to open the platform to ALL your collaborators so you do not miss any opportunities. For instance, if your IT department is looking for talents in HTML coding, they might be some in the Marketing team. The idea behind the platform is to really capture the full skillset of the company so HR teams have the full visibility on them.

Keep your talents. Especially the critical ones.

There is one way to make sure your critical capabilities stays within your company. If key people find purpose in what they do and you make sure that you create the career moves they deserve, there are good chances that they will not fly away if hunted down by your competitors.

Make sure your operations are cost optimized.

The current situation changes drastically any plans HR might have for their employees. Now is the time to tackle your Workforce planning to prepare the post COVID. HR managers will have to answer successively three main questions : First and fast, how to identify the employees that can work remotely and the ones that need to come to the workplace? Then, How to maintain the balance between the activities that are suspended or postponed and the ones that are understaffed and strained? And finally, how to prepare the workforce and find the skills needed for the months of recovery after the crisis?

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