What do you really need to focus on when choosing an ITM?

How to choose an internal talent marketplace

When choosing an Internal Talent Marketplace platform, what are the key differences between the various offers on the market? Here are our thoughts on it.

First, here are few key definitions to understand the two key concepts of this comparison table.

What is an ITM?

It is the backbone of your existing Human Capital Management tools to harvest more value out of it with a limited investment. It is also how you create a gig economy inside your company. It relies on matching algorithms, predictive analytics and users’ feedback to connect employees and roles, projects and activities adapted to their skills and preferences.

What is Skills Intelligence?

1. To map, identify and manage data on Enterprise and Employees’ capabilities and skills in real time.
2. To leverage all existing static or dynamic sources of skills data, including performance appraisal, trainings, communities and project activities, feedbacks on all enterprise solutions (HCM, LMS, Social networks, project management tools…).
3. To use powerful Skills Data Analysis and benefit from it to build up your Strategic Workforce Planning programs.

Wrapping up: is 365Talents for you?


Let’s find out. 365Talents is for you if you:

  1. Are driven by your own employee experience
  2. Want to better identify, find and allocate skills
  3. Are in need of SWP features including Skills Intelligence powered by AI in multiple languages
  4. Want to leverage your existing HCM tools value with minimal incremental cost
  5. Do not have time to waste implementing complex skills set and internal mobility workflows

365Talents is NOT for you if you want:

  1. A replacement for your HCM suite
  2. A tool to run paychecks or other administrative activities
  3. A one-off mobility tool
  4. If you need to have thousands of features (even if you will not use them)
  5. A quick-fix for today HR workflows but not investing for the future of work

We hope you found all the information you needed. And because we think there is a true value in an Internal Talent Marketplace and Skills Intelligence combined, why don’t you call us for a test and see for yourself?