#RebootTalents : What does it mean and why we all need one


Covid-19 is forcing organisations into a great test of agility: how agile is your company to face problems, find solutions, and most importantly, how quickly these solutions can be implemented?

From a Human Resources standpoint, Covid-19 really put a strain on all staff for both side of the job:

  1. All the administrative tasks: partial leave, reorganisations, lay-off.
  2. On the strategic side, it requires a heavy dose of change management and the ability to plan for the future.

Why a reboot?

When your computer faces a system failure and doesn’t succeed to solve it with the current settings, you need a reboot. You then reload a new set of parameters and settings, which enables it to restart and run faster, thanks to the new settings.

That’s exactly what organisations are doing because of Coronavirus. And it applies to HR too ; especially to the way talents are managed. And that’s why we are launching #RebootTalents.

A new era of Talent Management is needed

As we explained in our latest blogpost Why our mission is more important than ever, we truly believe that the Internal Talent Marketplace is the fastest and best way for HR professionals to quickly identify, find and allocate talents.

HR managers cannot rely on lengthy and complicated processes in such a crisis. The tools they use need to help them be efficient and proactive, so they can help the business understand what strengths the organization has internally.

All rules written about internal mobilityand careers development can be rewritten and fast-tracked. Clever organizations are already taking advantage of the situation to push forward innovative HR strategies. As this great article from the World Economic Forum states :

” Smart firms are keeping an eye on ways to return – at least to a new normal – from COVID-19, as well as opportunities for deeper restructuring to reinvent the enterprise”

Why we all need one?

Whether your company is : 

  • A/ Having a really hard time (for sectors like Hospitality, Events, Aviation or Tourism).
  • B/ Having partial activity (online retail vs. physical retail).
  • C/ Being overwhelmed by demand (food supply).

The #RebootTalents applies to the 3.

For the first category, it will be a tough job for HR to help reorganizing the workforce and prepare tomorrow. In all cases, there will be a real need for digitalization (for example, event organizers will have to find new ways to offer experiences remotely like virtual visits, online webinars, etc. HR Managers will be looking for the right skills to fast-track these projects internally).

 For the second category, the #RebootTalents is more on re-allocating the rightly skilled workforce on the departments that are still in high demand, whilst offering reskilling and upskilling to the other departments that are not.

For the last category, the RebootTalents takes a different meaning. There, it is more about how to reply to a sudden high demand and organise the business to meet market expectations. Network providers or any supermarket with takeaway facilities had to rethink their processes and move fast into a model that might be their new norm. Their HR departments had to adapt rapidly their teams and talents. For the ones who didn’t, they lost a great opportunity to win market shares and make a difference.

Prepare the future for your business, but don’t forget your employees.

61% of Employees trust their employers to prepare them for the future of work. 

Mercer (2020)

In hard times like the one we are experiencing, it is often when companies focus on their survival and tend to put the employee experience on the side. Companies that will keep their employee-centric values will be rewarded with long-term benefits!

Want to find out more?

In our opinion, a #RebootTalents will be on the menu for all.

But it has to be with the right tool and the right change strategy. If you would like to know more about the #RebootTalents initiative, we just had a webinar with PwC about it and would gladly share the content with you, contact us here mentioning #RebootTalents.